In The Dream House: Ancestral Sessions on Transforming Violence into Empowerment Release Strategies

Wednesday July 3rd / 14.00-16.30
Wednesday July 10th / 14.00-16.30
Monday July 15th / 18.30-20.00

Registration by:

Spaces limited to 4-5 persons per session and registrations should be made to Kunstraum Bethanien.

The sessions proposed by the artist as an ancestral feminist tool for survivors, is a somatic and holistic trauma-informed based practice re-imagined for empowerment and grief work. The sessions on transforming violence into safety & empowerment by the release of emotional archives provide a sacred space to witness, release and contextualise the history of care work and the impact of sonic frequencies of ecosystems on the body. Participants are invited to transform their experiences and create ancestral care rituals through herbalist work, black fabulation storytelling and tools for transformative testimonial archival work to somatically protect and heal the body. 

The ancestral sessions are created for trauma survivors of domestic and institutional abuse and provides further professional support catered for BiPOC and FLINTA persons. Anguezomo’s creative care practices are inspired by over 20 years of ritual work in Brazil, Mexico, Senegal and Gabon. 

The sessions will take place in English inside Anguezomo’s artistic installation room „Obeah: Thiouray“ at Kunstraum Bethanien. It is recommended that participants arrive 15mins before the start of each session.

BIO: Anguezomo Nzé Mba Bikoro is a visual artist, curator, an Obeah care ritual practitioner for ancestral de-traumatisation and decolonisation in embodied artistic, somatic practices, plantcestry and transformational justice through black indigenous radical feminist archives. Their practice honours queer histories and feminist black indigenous struggles centering  Bakongo Cosmology, Obeah and Orixa ancestral work. The work of Obeah is healing intergenerational traumas, empowering communities and sharing resources to create tools of safety towards self-awareness & transformation in mental health. Their visual works analyze power processes and fictions of science in historical archives that critically engage with migration and colonial memory. Through performance work, Anguezomo has developed formats for healing rituals through ancestral healing that often exposes the interwoven colonial histories of migration in site-specific spaces to dismantle prejudice and create independent emancipatory tools for liberation, education, and reparation. 

Their works were shown in numerous world Biennales and exhibitions and is author of the upcoming book “Obeah: Ancestry & Queer Grief”. Their current curatorial works are featured at ACUD Macht Neu with „We Who Move The World Forward: Voices of Resistance Inside Germany’s Migration Histories“, and „When The Jackals Leave The Sun: Decentering Restitution | Pedagogies of Repossession“ and her artistic works are currently featured at KINDL in „Re-Imaginer le Passé“ until 27.07.24. 

Insta: nze_bikoro